Summit road

Panoramic view of Carinthia

Gerlitzen Summit Road

Our summit road is a wonderful excursion road to the summit of the Gerlitzen

To the Gerlitzen summit

The Gerlitzen Gipfelstraße is one of three lookout roads in Austria that lead directly to the summit. This street, which is very popular with locals as well as tourists, is open from May to autumn, depending on the weather. The beautiful Gerlitzen belongs to the Nockberge and is 1909 m high.

This lookout mountain opens up a unique 360° panoramic view over the southernmost state of Austria.

Enjoy hiking and the view

The Gerlitzen is a very popular mountain that also offers special hiking experiences. Our beautiful lookout mountain is also very suitable for family outings. Many pleasure huts as well as a fun park provide entertainment and culinary delicacies. There are also many athletes on the Gerlitzen. Due to the particularly good thermals, paragliders and model fliers can be observed.